Even With My Broken Heart, I’ll Try To Learn

Even with my broken heart, I'll try to learn

Even with my broken heart, I will find purpose in this experience. I’ll go ahead and hurt others with it if I have to. If my body has to cry, I will cry. I will share my time with anyone who can appreciate my feelings. But with no one they don’t care about.

I will respect myself enough to share my pain with people who value me and do me good. I will be strong enough to make that distinction. ‘Cause this thing I’m going through is mine. It’s so personal that I don’t want to make it even more painful. However, I want to find meaning in this experience.

Maybe with these words you will identify yourself and be heartbroken like me. Maybe for the first time, or for the repeated time. Or maybe your heart breaks for people who are very important to you. No matter where you are.

Patched heart

I’ll find out what my broken heart wants to tell me so that I can understand better

People react to the disappointments of love in very different ways. They do it based on what expectations they had of the relationship. On the place where they positioned this person in their life. The picture they had constructed and the depth of the relationship itself. There are a million subtleties that play into the pain that pulsates within us.

When we see the mechanisms in our relationships, our view becomes clearer. Maybe you’re a person who instantly idealizes someone they are just getting to know. You fill it out and decorate it with attributes that actually have nothing to do with it.

Woman whose eyes are covered with dust

Often times we see other people the way we want to see them. And if we don’t recognize it the first time, we go looking for signs. Signs that attest that they are wonderful and special. We get really good at making things up. We add and remove pieces as if they were a toy.

The self-delusion makes it more likely that you will repeat mistakes

In fact , our dependence on that person takes control of the relationship. Even though we can see that reality is different. That makes us unstoppable: I don’t care if he’s not the person I imagined. I can’t live without him.

Such thoughts then arise. It is then that our fear of being left alone reigns supreme. And that until we are finally willing and ready to open our eyes and leave this labyrinth. To do this we have to face the truth. It is self-deception that keeps us with people who don’t deserve us. It is she who makes us fall for the same people over and over again.

Understanding how we behaved in a relationship can help us make sense of this painful experience. Then we can understand how this first rupture and eventually my broken heart came about.

Recognizing the forces that first shook my broken heart gives me the opportunity to fight them. It doesn’t matter how painful this task is. Because that’s the only way to prevent them from destroying my future relationships.

Sad couple behind butterflies

The phase that begins when a relationship or ephemeral, unrequited love ends is very fertile ground. For us, it is full of opportunities to learn. To get rid of the blindfolds and illusions. Only then can we take responsibility for our mistakes and reap the benefits of what we have learned. We can’t spend our entire lives blaming the other person. It is simple, but fruitless.

Be honest and recognize your responsibility

In a relationship we all have a responsibility. It is important to adopt them. If we trample on our self-esteem to make the other person fit into our lives, we will not be able to develop a healthy relationship. If we keep them from leaving, we will see a bright red warning sign. We have to do something.

So be honest with yourself and always try to make sense of your painful experiences. There’s a purpose in my broken heart See how you can understand yourself better and not repeat your mistakes. Once the teaching is established, you will be a little wiser and stronger.

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