Emotional Intelligence For Your Everyday Life

Emotional intelligence for your everyday life

For years we have heard talk of the term emotional intelligence, coined by the psychologist Daniel Goleman. But how can you explain emotional intelligence in a way that everyone can understand? And how can we apply them in our everyday life?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand our emotions and those of others in a balanced way and to solve our everyday problems without the world falling on our heads. Emotional intelligence is the ability to control us emotionally.

I could use a little more emotional intelligence

“I worry about everything. When I have work, the stress wears me out, and when I don’t have it, I suffer terribly from it. When I don’t go out with my friends I feel depressed and bored, and when I go out I feel like I don’t really belong.

I keep complaining about anything and everything and nothing comes my way. I am not happy and I think that I really don’t want to be: Because I try to drown myself in a glass of water in the face of the smallest problem, because I cannot consider the glass of water half full and because I am small, daily Oversized problems while other people can simply take them with humor. How can I change my attitude? “


Why should we have more emotional intelligence? If we had to sum it up in a few words, then maybe we could say so that we can be happier. What is the point in life if we are not trying to be happy? New problems will certainly come again, life won’t always smile at us, but we have the power, if we want, to paint black things white again and become happier.

And how do you do that? By increasing our emotional intelligence. By learning to manage our emotions both in relation to ourselves and in relation to others. By taking responsibility for this and being aware that it is we who have it in our hands, whether they contribute to our well-being or to our discomfort.

8 ideas to increase your emotional intelligence in everyday life

In the following we present a few ideas that you can implement in your everyday life in order to be able to put your emotional intelligence into practice. Dare yourself and start with it! You will be surprised by its advantages:

  • Be ready to improve yourself emotionally. We don’t change if we don’t do anything about it on our own initiative. Nobody can help us quit smoking or lose weight if we are not ready. The same is true of emotional intelligence. There is even a sentence that preaches to us: “He who wants creates more than he who can.”
  • Learn to put the little everyday setbacks into perspective. Look for the positive side in everything that happens to you. Have you lost a love, your job, a friend? Don’t worry too much, remember that while these are bad moments, it will all pass at some point and life will surprise you with new opportunities again.
  • Don’t torment yourself with negative thoughts. It doesn’t help at all to fall into the spiral of negative thoughts. What do you solve with negative thoughts? Try to “stop!” To yourself accept. Make music, dance, move around, talk to others, and distract your mind when it starts to go stupid again.
  • When you feel bad, seek out who you know will give you peace and protection. You certainly have someone who has the ability to make you see life positively again when you feel bad. Look for him, look for his words and, in the end, thank him for his friendship.
  • Meet others with an open mind. Be sure to be empathetic .  Don’t judge others so much, rather try to understand them. Trying to change others the way you would like them to be is a pointless struggle. See the positive in people. We all have good and bad qualities.
  • Listen to your body, it will help you recognize many of your feelings. Did you feel a lump in your stomach when they brought you bad news? Do you feel weird when faced with this new situation? Discover how your body identifies your emotions and helps you understand and transform them. Learn to breathe in, learn to calm down.
  • Don’t take things too much to heart. If we really pause for a moment to think a little more carefully about everything, why don’t we try to see things with a little more serenity? If our boss is in an unbearable mood today, that’s his business, don’t let that influence you. You can’t stand the new guy who’s in your workgroup now: Don’t lose friendship with the rest of the group, just let them go.
  • Resolve conflicts with others in a positive way. It is said that people understand each other when they talk to each other. If you have a problem with someone, try to resolve it in the best way possible by engaging in conversation and clarifying your position. If you think it’s a negative person you “just can’t be” with, then whistle your silent song out of the way.

So if you want to be happy, then, in addition to this advice, you only need the necessary enthusiasm and effort to be able to see the world in a different way. Train your emotional intelligence and discover its usefulness in everyday life, both for yourself and for relationships with others. What are you waiting for?

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