Discover Your Skills With Positive Psychology

Discover your skills with positive psychology

Napoleon Hill believed that Strength and growth come only through continued effort and effort.   You can find many ways to grow through continued work if you take this quote to heart. In this article we are going to talk about how this idea relates to positive psychology.

If you want to give the best of yourself, it is obvious that you have to make an effort. The best possible effort means pushing yourself to the limit. We are all very different people with unique characteristics that define us. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have the same tools that enable us to grow. An example of this is positive psychology, which anyone can use. Discover your skills by using them!

Growing with positive psychology

There are many different relevant factors that we could discuss here. We have already mentioned the effort required for growth. You also need to draw on things that you have learned in the past. For these lessons to be valid, a good dose of willpower is essential. And motivation too. Finally, genetics are also important, as we do not all have the same basis, we do not all inherit the same genes from our ancestors.

But how does it all relate to positive psychology? How can you grow with her It is time to turn to those who have expertise in this area. Let’s look at psychologists Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson. Both can answer the following question: How can we use our own abilities to achieve happier and more positive horizons?

Martin Seligmann

Dr. Peterson and Dr. Seligman established positive psychology as a formula by which we should direct our attention to the skills we want to improve. That is, they encourage us to focus on things that make us happier and more fulfilled. So a more satisfying life can be achieved.

To the put into practice, both professors have been thinking about the features and capabilities, which will allow us to find our own potential and maximize. We present these properties and capabilities below.

Discover the best of yourself

As I said, each of us has strengths that make us unique. But logically we also have a unique combination of weaknesses. When you balance both wisely, reinforcing the good and minimizing the bad, you can discover your abilities and become happier, more productive, and more complete with the unique individual that you are.

According to Seligman and Peterson, there are 24 key strengths. Psychologists consider motivation to learn and creativity to be major strengths. Others are curiosity, courage, critical thinking, perseverance, enthusiasm, and honesty. Each of these can help you gain contentment, control, productivity, and happiness in your daily life.

We should also point out social intelligence and responsibility, kindness and the ability to work in a team. And it is good to have a sense of justice, humility, and guidance. Being careful, having self-control, being able to forgive and appreciating beautiful things are also positive qualities. Finally, it is also important to develop gratitude, spirituality, optimism, and humor.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. “

Og Mandino

Young woman looks out over a city

Master your strengths

If you want to discover your skills, you have to really know and master your strengths. By using positive psychology, which involves searching for happiness and fulfillment, you can find innate virtues. Logically, after you find them, you need to learn how to get the most out of them. Along the way, you should also minimize your weaknesses and work on other, less developed strengths at the same time.

Man climbs up a ladder to the stars

With the right amount of motivation and effort, you will undoubtedly take one more step in the right direction every day. It is just important that you never lose sight of your path and your motivation. The results will come gradually, so try not to get discouraged.

“Strength doesn’t come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you experience hardship and decide not to give up – that is strength. “

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I would say that everything in life is focused on finding happiness. Sometimes we make mistakes and get lost. But positive psychology can be a good tool for making yourself better, happier, more complete. So why not try them out? You have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain.

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