Discover Your Dark Side And Regain Control Over Yourself

Discover your dark side and regain control of yourself

Do you have feelings inside that you loathe? Do you sometimes do things that you are ashamed of and that you don’t even want to talk about? Is there an area in you that you would like to erase? Do you secretly wish for things and don’t dare to admit it? We all have a dark side in us that we don’t like to look in the face.

Your dark side doesn’t understand good intentions, doesn’t compromise, and doesn’t want you to do what is asked of you. It is suppressed, but it grows and looks for opportunities to come to the surface. What most people do not realize is that it is important to fathom this dark side in us and thus regain control over ourselves, to understand and get to know ourselves.

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What does the dark side in you feed on?

The dark side of your mind feeds on personal suffering and self-destructive behavior, on everything that you reject yourself and also on all the wishes that just don’t seem to come true.

Your unfulfilled needs create negative emotions in you that the dark side can feed on in you. If you fail to meet these needs, these negative feelings will lead to something bad growing inside you. And they will make you believe that this is even your real self – or maybe even the only self that is hidden within you.

There are many things that you know you shouldn’t do because you realize they are actually bad for you – and yet you do them. You are well aware that it would be better not to smoke, that you shouldn’t eat overly greasy foods all the time, that you shouldn’t always yell at your partner or children that you shouldn’t always drag yourself into sterile discussions that ultimately lead nowhere … But these things happen to you anyway.

For the dark side in you, just good intentions are not enough. Either you pick up the notebook and stop offering it a breeding ground or it will continue to gain space in you.

What does your dark side need?

In order to stop breeding your dark side, you need to become aware of the things that you want most. It’s about negative psychological addictions – those feelings that make you focus with all your might on a certain state that is causing you pain.

These negative addictions keep you from feeling safe, in good shape, and strong. And they find their expression in rejection, humiliation, deception and the feeling of being useless or a failure.


All of these negative things keep the darker sides alive in your soul. They grow parallel to your negative feelings, thoughts and actions and are additionally supported by toxic people that you have or have had in your life.

Every time something negative happens in your life and every time you remember something that you don’t like, that dark side comes out in you, related to that negative attitude and its right to a place in you seems to throb. Then it seems like there is no way out and that way you only attract more personal suffering, self-destruction and negativity, which in turn provides a new breeding ground for her.

How can you confront the negative side of yourself?

It is possible to confront the negative side in your mind through conscious training. There are also things that cannot simply be eliminated. But those who can do this should be confronted and you should become aware of them. The greatest challenge is to explore your inner being and shed light on what is hidden deep within you.

The dark side of us can hide much better than an unfulfilled wish, a frustrated hope, or a broken dream. But you are the only person who is able to dig into you and explore yourself closely.

And every time something negative comes up in your life, every time you feel something sinister trying to take control of you, you have to try to get to the bottom of it without being ashamed of it have to.

First of all, you have to accept that there is a negative side to you and that it won’t just go away just because you try to suppress it. Trying to suppress it will only make it grow stronger and with that new strength it would just explode as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Be brave. Be honest with yourself and try to let out all the negative in you.

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Meditation can help in this process. A mentor can also be helpful. Art, too, can be a way to tackle the worst things in your mind and let all the negatives out of you.

Only when you start doing the things that the dark side is trying to hide within you will you be able to regain control of your life and learn to deal with the negative so that it is no longer in control has about you.

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