Different Christmas – A Special Christmas Story

Different Christmas - A special Christmas story

Today I want to invite you to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. I want   to share with you the OtherChristmas story , which is about a little boy. He reminds us of the importance of appreciating and cherishing things. It reminds us that we should be grateful. For everything we have, even if it doesn’t seem like that much. And that gratitude shouldn’t be exercised just one day a year.

During this time of year we are bombarded with TV commercials about candy, toys, and perfumes. Everything around us shows us that Christmas is just around the corner, this wonderful and at the same time frightening time of the year: the streets are lit up and a kind of collective madness is spreading. We become impulsive shop-goers, we overfill our pantries and buy gifts for everyone. But is this really what is essential on this day of the year? Another Christmas will be possible if we can look behind the wrapping paper.

“Christmas is not a point in time or a season, it is a state of mind. To keep peace and benevolence in one’s heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within. “

Calvin Coolidge

Santa Claus with sleigh in the sky

Different Christmas

Little Oliver was only five years old and was extremely curious about the world around him. He began to see how everything was changing. The streets were filled with bright colors. He heard songs repeated everywhere and saw people decorating the trees with all sorts of ornaments. On television he saw commercials for candy, toys, wine and perfumes. Oliver saw all of this and it made him think. Finally he dared to ask his mother this burning question: “Mom, what is Christmas?”

“It is something that only those who are lucky can experience. I hope I can make it possible for you one day too, my son, ”  his mother replied sadly. That made Oliver sad too. But he did not lose hope that one day he could experience his own Christmas. The days passed and little Oliver continued to soak in what was happening around him. Then came the morning of Christmas Day.

Oliver woke up very early and ran to his mother to wake her up. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that her son had a card for her. It was homemade, from waste paper. But it was a beautiful card full of colors, drawings and a message of hope. “You give me Christmas every day because I’m happy when I’m with you,” it said   .

Oliver’s mother started crying and her son asked, “Mom, why are you crying?” “Because I didn’t know how lucky I was until you showed me,”  said his mother, hugging him tightly. “Of course mom, it’s Christmas every day,”  her boy confirmed.

“Christmas is not about unwrapping presents. It’s about opening our hearts. “

Janice Marditera

Mother and child against the sun

Love is the best gift

It is possible to change this festive time of year. Little Oliver did it in his innocence. He valued what was really important to him. His mother’s love was without a doubt the best gift he could get. This child reminds us that sometimes we lose sight of what is really important. We worry about what we can offer others. Either because we can’t afford something or because we assume that we will not live up to their expectations.

But we forget what we already have and what we have received from other people: because nobody is richer than the person who is rich in people who love and appreciate them. And everyone has at least one person they love and who loves them. Also, but not only, at Christmas.

If you don’t know what to give your loved ones for Christmas, give them love.

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