Come Here, Let’s Look Deep Into Each Other’s Eyes As We Say Goodbye

Come here, let's look deep into each other's eyes as we say goodbye

Come here, let’s look deep into each other’s eyes as we say goodbye.  I owe you an explanation as to why I am leaving. I want to explain to you that love is not always the right answer to voids in our life, nor is it a painkiller for all of our mistakes. I say goodbye to you face to face, because this is how people say goodbye who once loved each other and deserve respect.

We love blindly and yet with all our senses and we give something that others call “soul”.

However , blind love is no guarantee that the relationship will work until we gray hair, and over time we experience that deep calm that happy couples whose wrinkles are not signs of age attain.

Your wrinkles are evidence of days spent in harmony and happiness.

No one has yet found the “magic formula” that guarantees this. Meanwhile, people continue to risk, get carried away, and follow the complicated path of relationships.

Do you agree that breakups are undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments in our lives? You may even have tasted the bitter taste of leaving and being abandoned in the course of your life.

No matter who makes the decision, ending a relationship is always painful, even if the breakup is sometimes justified.

How did you “break up”? Or how did you do it the last time?

Via phone? By texting? Did you just leave without saying anything?

These are not appropriate ways to break up, nor are they emotionally healthy. Say goodbye face to face. You should look each other in the eye and be honest and sincere.

“It’s not you, it’s me.” – Don’t say anything untrue, be brave

We know that it is not easy to tell the person who shared feelings, dreams and projects with you that we no longer love them. Or even that we still love him, but are no longer happy by his side. That we don’t want a new start that would only lead to more suffering.

It’s not easy, but you have to do it. Saying goodbye is like a mess of emotions, but with a clear goal: to let go, to close a chapter. To look ahead.

Woman on roses

We should never make the mistake of saying this famous phrase, “We have to break up, but it’s really not you, it’s me.”  In truth, various aspects are hidden behind these classic words:

  • Not wanting to harm the partner whom we no longer love and whom we do not want to hurt by telling them the truth. By saying: “It’s not you, it’s me”,  we want to protect ourselves.
  • We choose to take the blame. By projecting this false relief onto our partner and blaming the problem on ourselves, we are making ourselves the victim and that doesn’t make it any easier to walk. We shirk the truth and leave our partner in an immature way because he will never understand what actually happened.

To end a relationship and close a chapter honestly and maturely, we should never fall into clichés or white lies. The truth hurts, but sooner or later you have to face it. Doubts, on the other hand, only raise false hopes.

Ways to end a relationship

  1. First of all, we need to be clear that the breakup will be definitive. You know it’s best this way.
  2. The partner may already suspect something like that. However, there are people who prefer to put on blinders than to grapple with the truth, which is why it is important to take the next step. It’ll be better for both of them.
Couple with gift

Any love based on a lie
will eventually fall into the abyss of creeping misfortune.

3. If you think this will help, think about what you are going to say first and then practice it out loud. That way, by hearing your own words, you will become more aware of their emotional meanings. If you’ve said it beforehand, all the better because you’ll have more control when the time comes.

4. Now think about what arguments your partner might bring against what you are saying. Think about how you would justify or defend yourself.

5. Imagine the farewell and the distance from each other. It is painful, but at the same time it is a form of liberation and a matter that you have faced with integrity and maturity.

Coping with parting from the breakup

Leaving someone already means a lot of suffering, but when we are the ones who are being abandoned, the nature of the pain can be very destructive: we can lose our self-esteem, our self-confidence.

Don’t let this happen, don’t let yourself be put into the role of victim. You get over everything at some point. The best cure? The time and the goal to regain your zest for life.

To be abandoned because of a third person, or to experience that our partner no longer loves us, are situations that mean a lot of suffering, but from which we have to free ourselves.

Whatever the reason a relationship ends, we deserve to be looked into the eyes and explained why we got to this point before saying goodbye.

– There is great potential for fear in ignorance and it arouses false hopes.

– It means losing a lifetime that we could better use to “reinvent” ourselves, to accept the loss, to get up and move on on our way.

Separations that occur due to third parties, by phone, or finding an empty house from one day to the next are vicious circles from which we can only break out with a lot of strength.

– Every farewell requires a face-to-face farewell, in which one looks into each other’s eyes, in which one does not gloss over the separation, or which consists of a cowardly escape that causes great pain and suffering.

Be brave, demand courage and emotional maturity from your relationships. Life is made up of doors that need to be closed and circles that need to be completed. And all of this should be done with integrity and with inward wisdom.

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