Choice Of Partner – Do You Know Who Suits You?

Choosing a partner - do you know who is right for you?

The new technologies allow us to buy everything, sell everything and solve everything. Even if it may seem unbelievable, there are now apps that help us choose a partner and tell us who suits us and who doesn’t fit into our lives. Incredible, is not it?

The application consists of an algorithm built into a wristwatch. This measures our reaction when we stand in front of another person, i.e. our level of excitement, stress, etc. It also analyzes the conversations via instant messaging, text messages and the photos that we receive via our technical devices.

When our app has a sufficient amount of data, it acts like a level-headed friend: it tells us, “This person will be removed from your life,” not exactly like that , it simply deletes this person. Crazy, right?

Technology, lack of time, loss of direct communication with other people are social phenomena that change the way we interact with others. In the current time, you can find your partner by being able to choose someone from a whole range of candidates on the Internet and be with them. Going to a bar and asking “Do you study or do you work?”   seems to be very out of date for some people.


And choosing a partner without an app?

How do we choose the partner or a friend? How do we know if someone suits us or if we are wrong?

This is exactly where the joke lies in life. There is no magic formula for always choosing the right person without deceiving us. And it is precisely in the errors, in the disappointments and in the successes that the meaning of life lies. Because that’s life and that’s how we have to accept it. We have to learn from our mistakes, from the mistakes of others, learn to forgive ourselves and others. Ultimately, we must learn to live without fear, fear, or resentment.

And how many times have we said to ourselves “I didn’t expect that from this person, not at all” , “Not to believe what this person did to me” , “I will never be able to trust this person again” ? After all, you have to say: Yes, other people are also mistaken, just as we do. Because humans are inherently imperfect and so we have to accept ourselves and not overestimate some things and not constantly complain about everything.

Often we enter into a really harmful dialogue with ourselves. We are the most unhappy people, something bad always has to happen to us, we always meet the wrong person. We should stop dramatizing our lives and live happier lives. There may be a moment that hurts us, but then it has to go on.

Life is full of people who bring us good things but also bad things; People who help us and those who disappoint us; People with a different scale than ours. But you can learn from everything and you always have to try to see the glass as half full and not half empty.

It goes without saying that the app mentioned above is currently turning into an enormous success, because the less it is perceived as strange, the greater the chance that we will soon see it in other countries as well. But don’t forget to continue to rely on your intuition and your own judgment when choosing a partner, whether it be right or wrong, and also dare to meet new people.

The application called “pplkr” (people keeper) was invented by a group of eight students from Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania, USA) and so far it is only available in the USA for users of the iOS system.

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