An Intelligent Woman Knows That She Has No Limits

An intelligent woman knows that she has no limits

For many years, society had a very clear idea of ​​what tasks women should take on: they should look after the children, the husband and the household and take care of the elderly within the family. But this classic role allocation is out of date and nowadays the intelligent, independent woman stands out from the crowd, who knows that she has no limits.

An intelligent woman lives her own life, realizes herself in the workplace, is independent, does not make her happiness dependent on whether she is married or has children, because she has understood that her happiness depends only on herself and not on third parties. She has learned to appreciate herself and knows how to surpass herself.

The intelligent woman and the love affair

A study carried out by various British universities and in the newspaper Sunday Times   was published, led to the conclusion that intelligent women are more likely tend not to marry, while smart men, however, have a 40% higher probability to marry.


A group of 900 men and women took part in the study. The volunteers were given an IQ test at the age of eleven, and 40 years later they were asked who was married and who was not. It was found that those women who chose to continue their university studies were less likely to get married. But as far as the men are concerned, it is exactly the opposite.

What an intelligent woman does differently

There are certain qualities that make an intelligent woman stand out that set her apart from the rest and thereby also make her appear more attractive to men. Still, various researchers from the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas (all US) say that men felt intimidated by an intelligent woman.

“In order to achieve great things, we should not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also grow.”

Virginia Woolf

According to the study , from a biological point of view, men would seek intelligent women as partners because of the evolutionary benefits that this has. But in practice, most men would not prefer dating a woman who is smarter than them.

The question we ask ourselves at this point is: what makes one intelligent woman different from the others? Let’s take a closer look at that.

She lives the moment

She knows how to learn from her past and patiently and calmly waits for the future. That is why she lives the moment, the here and now, enjoys every word, every look, every smell or taste. An intelligent woman looks you in the eye and listens to you because she feels that she needs to enjoy this moment with you.


Like every other person, she has had to go through bad times in her life and she has known how to get through them and emerge stronger from them. She has learned not to make mistakes again and she knows exactly what she wants to achieve in her life.

She values ​​solitude

An intelligent woman doesn’t feel alone just because she doesn’t have a partner – quite the opposite is true: she values ​​her loneliness and independence. She does not make her happiness dependent on another person, but her rich inner life allows her to enjoy the moments of solitude.

“Solitude teaches you more than any society.”

For any intelligent woman, these moments of loneliness are essential because they allow her to get to know herself, to evaluate herself, to reflect and to figure out what to improve. With the help of these considerations, she can overcome hurdles and find new motivation.

She is not afraid of change

Smart women are not afraid to venture out of their comfort zone and face change. They know that change means opportunity and that through it we learn new things and have unique experiences.

“A good girl knows her limits, an intelligent woman knows she has none.”

Marilyn Monroe

If there is something in her life that the intelligent woman does not like, for example a job that she does not do, a partner who does not have the same ideas about life as she does, or friends who do not support her decisions, then she reacts and seeks an improvement in their situation. She is naturally active.

She listens to her heart and knows when to say no

An intelligent woman knows that the voice of her heart and intuition is very important. Also, she is aware of the fact that her body is talking to her and conveys feelings that any option triggers when she has to make difficult decisions. This is information that she pays attention to in order to make the right decision.


She is not afraid to say “no”  and she knows that there are moments when you don’t agree and you have to set limits to others so that personal freedom and your own way of life are respected. She is not a possessive person and therefore does not allow anyone to try to deal with her in this way.

Such a woman is undoubtedly an intelligent woman!

Woman: Neither submissive nor pious, I like you free, wild and beautiful

“Woman: Neither submissive nor pious, I like you free, wild and beautiful”
is a saying that I once read on a wall … >>> More

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