Age Wrinkles The Skin, A Lack Of Enthusiasm Brings It To The Soul

Age brings wrinkles to the skin, a lack of enthusiasm brings it to the soul

Enthusiasm is the energy that leads us to happiness; it is the passion to do what really motivates us and what we love. To live out this powerful energy to the full means to keep a hopeful attitude and an openness to everything that presents itself to us. In our daily life, however, we like to be comfortable, adapt to our routine and create monotony. This leads to the fact that we become comfortable and do not do what promises us the most energy and greatest reward.

As always: what is urgent does not always leave time for what is important.


When we were kids, we had a natural ability to appreciate what we loved. Likewise, we also had the ability to protect ourselves from what we feared. We discovered, we were amazed, and we naturally moved because of simple things. Then, as we got older, we began to lose that ability. Fortunately, they are actually not entirely lost!

A life full of enthusiasm

A life full of enthusiasm is not something that comes naturally or is genetically determined. While the models we had during our childhood had a huge impact on how we see the world today, enthusiasm is basically a question of attitude.

Have you ever watched your parents connect with the world? It is possible that you have distanced yourself from their position in the world, but it is inevitable that that has affected you. As we grow up, we become much more aware of the choices we make to face things.

Living with enthusiasm means choosing, discovering, being hopeful, opening to our emotions, and having the ability to experiment. Do you see yourself as an enthusiastic person? If so, then you are sure to see everything around you in a special way. You observe the details and pause to experience and enjoy the little things that life brings you.

The secret of a genius is to keep the spirit of a child well into old age, and that means never to lose enthusiasm.

Aldous Huxley

Get rid of skepticism

An enthusiastic attitude enables you to rid yourself of discomfort, negativity, and skepticism. By creating a more hopeful vision, we perceive a world of opportunity with a wider perspective. We then inevitably believe that we are capable of achieving everything that we have set ourselves the goal. Because believing in ourselves allows us to use the resources necessary to face difficulties. This is related to Albert Bandura’s theory of self-efficiency, which relates to self-awareness and whether we believe we can do something.

Whether you think you can or can’t – you are right.

Henry Ford

Motivation also comes from this belief, from the expectations we have of what we can achieve through our own efforts. Enthusiasm also means to position ourselves in reality, to keep our feet on the ground, to take different perspectives and to evaluate the situation according to the resources we have.

Learn from enthusiasm

As mentioned above, enthusiasm is a way of looking at life, an attitude that helps us stay motivated and face the situations and challenges that come before us. We can learn to be enthusiastic even if that is something that is ingrained in our personalities.

By accepting all of the experiences and lessons as something that can aid us in our growth and development, we can develop an enthusiastic outlook on life. Enthusiasm has a lot to do with our ability to love, for it also means looking deeper into the beauty that lies in everything that happens to us. The great achievements of mankind have all been achieved thanks to the enthusiasm ,  thanks to the strength and longing that makes us discover and astonish us.

Don’t let your enthusiasm, a strength as valuable as it is necessary, burn out; work, long, aim always high.

Rubén Dario

Let’s learn from children. Let us learn to experience enthusiasm and crave discovery.

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