7 Quotes That Will Increase Your Self-esteem

7 Quotes That Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

Increasing self-worth is something many of us still have to work on. This includes that we identify with our good sides. We have to find out where our strengths are and what our skills and talents are. Then our life will be fulfilled. Quotes about self-worth can accompany us like a compass. They can show us the way to self-love.

We know this is not an easy task. Many people capitulate and stop paying attention to their own needs. Others tried, but gave up anyway, because  self-love doesn’t happen by itself. You have to look your demons in the face. Still, it’s worth the effort. There is nothing like hugging yourself and catching yourself. Be your own best friend and lover. Feel how it makes you feel alive and happy.

We know that a quote alone cannot ignite the great flame of self-love. But it will invite you to at least think about it. You could learn deep and meaningful lessons. Hence, we are absolutely certain that  self-worth quotes are worth having on hand. They can remind us to be loving about ourselves. They remind us to cherish and nurture our self-worth every now and then.

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You deserve your love

“You yourself, like everyone else in the universe, deserve your love and affection.”


This is one of the quotes about self worth that we should remember every day. We are valuable and deserve attention. Likewise , we have a healthy obligation not to beg for affection or to be satisfied with inadequate devotion.

Love nourishes us and especially each of us. It makes us strong, confident and makes us love others too. It is the foundation for life and relationships. Whoever builds a life on love is pouring foundations that are difficult to shake. The most important thing is to keep reminding yourself that we have a right to receive love, both from ourselves and from others.

Be good to yourself

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years. It didn’t work. Try to flatter yourself and be curious what happens. “

Louisa L. Hay

We have a bad habit of criticizing and hurting ourselves, be it with words or reviews. Of course, it’s easy to judge yourself. Many do that. But it is not that easy to repair the damage it causes. Indeed, the continual self-criticism creates a spiral of suffering that gets wider and deeper. And we often do this every day, often without our being aware of it.

It is not possible to develop healthy self-esteem if we are constantly attacking ourselves, despising ourselves, and cheating ourselves. Louise Hay shows us an alternative in her quote. This American author and speaker advocates pampering yourself. Only find good words when you talk to yourself. So why not just give it a try?

We deserve to be treated well. We deserve our recognition. There is nothing wrong with praising ourselves for what we do. Maybe we’re not so used to it. But there is a first time for everything. Giving yourself love is paramount.

Respect yourself to help you make better decisions

“Respect for ourselves influences our decisions. Every time we act in harmony with our real selves and our hearts, we deserve our self-respect. It’s that simple. Every decision counts. “

Dan Coppersmith

This is another quote about self worth that is very similar to the others in this article. We should keep reminding ourselves that respect influences our future decisions. When we remain loyal and true to ourselves, it affects every action and decision in our life. Even more, the respect for the people around us will increase.

As we value and support ourselves, the likelihood that others will follow suit becomes greater. If we despise ourselves, neglect ourselves, and treat ourselves badly, others are likely to do the same. It’s about putting ourselves first and loving each other.

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Don’t rely on others for your own happiness

“When it comes to your happiness and self-worth, don’t rely on others. Only you are responsible for it. If you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else can either. “

Stacey Charter

Happiness doesn’t depend on others. Nobody gives you happiness or can take it away from you. True happiness comes from individual attitudes. So we are the only ones responsible for how we feel. And it doesn’t matter what external circumstances seem to have created a certain mood.

Letting others hold the key to our wellbeing is a serious mistake. We have the power to transform situations even if we are not really aware of it. Everything starts with self-love and self-acceptance. If we don’t give it to ourselves, no one else will ever do it for us. Never forget that.

Be yourself

“You are wasting your own personality if you want to be someone else.”

Marilyn Monroe

Thousands of people dream of being someone else. They fantasize about it and compare themselves to their friends. You think about what it would be like to have certain things or to be a certain person. Dreaming is not a bad thing as long as you don’t waste too much time on it. These people forget that being yourself is a wonderful thing and that it presents you with thousands of opportunities. Instead, they turn their backs on themselves and become unhappy.

Each of us is a limited edition. We are unique and have little quirks. Still, we are valuable. Nobody is like you or me. That makes us all special and unique. It’s not about comparing ourselves to others. Rather, we should discover ourselves. To do this, we have to look inward. Then we can reach our full potential and enjoy our authentic selves.

Appreciate yourself to act

“Unless you value yourself, you will not value your time . Until you value your time, you won’t do anything useful with it. “

M. Scott Peck

Again, this is a self-worthy quote with a deep meaning. When you value yourself, that is the beginning of everything else. It is the stepping stone to a full, happy, and successful life. If we don’t value ourselves, we may never do what we want and will eventually stop growing.

When we value ourselves, we get to know ourselves better. We set priorities and take time for ourselves. We no longer live on the autopilot. Instead, we begin to gradually become more conscious again. We take back control of our own lives. Time is a precious gift that we should not neglect. We should be grateful for the time.

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The opinion of others does not correspond to your reality

“The opinion that others have of you does not have to become your reality by a long way.”

Les Brown

We are social beings and we are greatly influenced by the opinion of others. We have to learn that there is a difference between what others think of us and who we really are. We have to distinguish between what we want and what others want for us.

Regardless of whether with good will or not, other people will always reveal their opinion about us. But that is nothing more than a simple, individual opinion. We neither have to share these subjective realities nor agree with them. We just have to respect them without attacking the others personally. It is important that you continue to know what you want and how you value yourself. Then no matter how risky the situations are – you will not lose control. Most of all, it is important that you treat yourself well.

As you can see,  self-love can be quite complicated because you not only have to know yourself, but also accept and value yourself. These quotes about self-worth can help you consider the most important aspects of self-love. Yet only you have the power to begin with it. Treat yourself lovingly. Appreciate your successes and  never forget yourself.

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