5 Steps To Positive Thinking

5 steps to positive thinking

Did you know that the phrase “When one door closes, another opens”   comes from the novel  Don Quixote   by Miguel de Cervantes? Are you wondering what this sentence has to do with positive thinking? Read on and you will find out. We’ll also tell you the best tips on how to keep positive thinking over the long term.

Perhaps the quotation mentioned at the beginning was used too often in the past and thus seems a bit trite. Even so, it is still current and still has a strong meaning. In Cervantes  tragicomic work it symbolizes that there is always hope and an open door.

With positive energy and a positive attitude, we see the world more clearly, as Cervantes shows in his novel, one of the greatest literary works of mankind. The quote also implies that in all our realism and pessimism, we should keep a spark of hope.

How we can learn positive thinking

This very spark of hope can give us the strength we need to finally stop feeling sorry for ourselves for missed opportunities. He will make us look ahead to discover new opportunities and learn from them.

A woman thinks positively: she smiles and looks ahead.

To be positive doesn’t mean that you have to be happy and cheerful all the time. You can’t be happy all the time, but you can’t be unhappy all the time either. That is why it is important never to give up and to keep hope. You should always see the glass half full. Don’t focus on the tiny spot on the large white sheet of paper.

It is important that you know how to develop this positive attitude. If you adopt an appropriate attitude and have certain skills to control your thoughts and perceptions, it won’t be difficult for you to become more positive. And “becoming positive” simply means: not seeing the world so black.

That’s why we’re now giving you a few tips. Coming from the psychologist Arturo Torres, they are five keys to doors through which we can install positive thinking in our lives:

Don’t confuse pessimism with realism

The first key to this has a lot to do with realism. Realism shouldn’t imply a trace of pessimism.

“Put away the sadness and melancholy. Life is beautiful and over far too quickly. We only have the here and now. So enjoy it! “

Federico García Lorca

When it looks like everything around us is going to collapse, the reality often seems dark and negative. Then, if we allow concern to overwhelm our minds, we will look at everything from a worrying point of view. We create an illusion for ourselves. This is how we deform and distort reality and set a trap for ourselves.

Set specific goals for yourself

Realism does not mean pessimism. But realism does not automatically imply hope or dreams that seem impossible. The truth is,  we have the power to draw a path in life with very specific achievable goals. Achieving any of these goals will bring us happiness and joy. It will give us the drive to be strong and to strive for the next goal. We want to say: If you keep this attitude, you will always have a source from which you can draw strength.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people

Of course, our environment is another key. When the people around you are positive, it will be much easier for you to be optimistic and hopeful as well. A positive environment encourages and motivates you. Conversely, a negative environment pulls you down.

A group of friends are sitting together and drinking coffee.  Everyone is positive.

Develop long-term projects

It is good when you set yourself feasible goals. But also consider which higher goal you would like to achieve. This is where long-term projects come into play. A chain of simple, doable goals should lead to a much larger goal overall. This should be the reason you are taking all those small steps.

Think about what you want to build for yourself and make it real. Use your mind to do this and always be aware that you can approach your goals here and now. Keep reminding yourself of what can help you on your way to the big goal. In a spiritual perspective, you will grow through this task. From a constant reference to the present, a solid pillar will grow, thanks to which you can sustainably provide yourself with happiness and well-being.

“Happiness does not come to us pre-packaged, but grows out of our daily actions.”

Dalai Lama

Be sensitive, not calculating

Don’t do favors just to get them back later. This calculating type is a form of blackmail. On the other hand, if you offer help because you enjoy it, your attitude towards the world will change and become more positive.

Keep reminding yourself of these 5 keys that Arturo Torres shared with us and that we are now sharing with you. Then you will develop a lasting positive attitude. It’s not about becoming the happiest person in the world. Rather, it’s about becoming the happiest version of yourself. If you yourself are the best that you can offer, then your goals will become reality – and sooner than expected.

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