5 Habits That Impoverish Your Mind

5 habits that will impoverish your mind

There is no greater poverty than a poor spirit. A mind that makes you feel inferior and that is to blame for being inactive and listless. Under these circumstances, you are not reaching your full potential, you are simply floating like a leaf in the wind. Hence, it is important to know that there are habits that weaken your spirit that should be gotten rid of.

The habits that impoverish your mind have to do with your posture, which you often automatically adopt without realizing it. Your attitudes make you part of a group that ultimately brings you nothing more than a weak sense of security.

“Poor is someone who is so poor that he cannot ‘define’ what is poor.”

Eusebio Gomez Navarro

A poor ghost sees nothing but appearances. Nor does he set a life goal that would invite him to grow and feel better. He builds mediocre relationships with others and basically exists without actually living. To understand this more closely, we would like to introduce you to five habits that impoverish your mind.

1. Self-pity: one of the habits that impoverishes your mind

If there is one thing that weakens the mind, it is the fact that someone accepts that they are existentially poor. This is mainly reflected in behaviors such as victimism and self-pity, which are often used to justify inaction or even destructive tendencies.

Sad woman on dark street

If you feel poor, you already are. But that’s not all. This self-pitying attitude also impoverishes your relationships with others and strengthens the conviction that you deserve little, which is why you resign yourself. In addition, it is very difficult to deal with someone who constantly complains and paints everything black.

2. Excessive saving

Those who save excessively often declare themselves poor. This is another habit of impoverishing your mind. Of course it is a great virtue to save, but those who save too much develop an attitude that feeds nothing more than fears and pettiness.

We are not talking about people who handle their finances responsibly, who would like to have a buffer or who would like to buy something in the future that they can save for. We’re talking about people who earn enough and still turn over every penny twice with every purchase. By people who, for fear of falling into ruin, even though the risk does not exist, do not even spend the bare minimum.

3. Put too much emphasis on material things

People who attach too much importance to material things are similar to compulsive bargain hunters. This habit of measuring everything by money weakens our minds considerably.

If you asked such people, they would tell you that they were not materialistic. But if you watch them how they act, you will be convinced otherwise. Your worries are always money worries. She is very worried about the size of her salary and that of the others. You dream of accumulating more and more goods or buying a certain thing. Other than that, they don’t have much to say.

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4. Spend more than you earn

While it may sound like a contradiction in terms, a lavish lifestyle is similar to over-saving and focusing on the material. This type of person also looks almost exclusively at money and his expenses. He feels extremely good about spending money, even if it means that it will cause him financial problems.

Spending more than you make is also a habit that weakens the mind. This is because it brings dynamics into your life in which money plays the main role. Sooner or later your worries will only revolve around debts, offers, discounts, etc.

5. Do something you don’t like

If you do something you don’t like, you are wasting your life. We easily forget that we only live once and that it depends on us to enjoy life to the full. With this particular attitude, you “wait” for “something to come” that will get you out of your misery – namely, to do a job that you dislike.

Our work is an essential part of our life. We spend most of our time at work. So giving up what we would like to do also means giving up life and happiness. This is how we punish ourselves.

All of these habits, and many more, such as starting an argument about anything or holding onto hateful relationships, are habits that impoverish your mind. They make you look at life from a very limited and depressing point of view. This can quickly and unnoticed lead you to bitterness and indifference or to the fact that you no longer see any meaning in life.

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