5 Episodes Of Revision

5 episodes of revision

The consequences of overwork are severe, and yet it has become the norm for many people. Getting involved in your work is commendable – but it shouldn’t rule your whole life.

People overwork for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their income is insufficient and they still have one or more part-time jobs. But it is also possible that they work a lot because they want to be successful in their job.

“We are surrounded by gadgets designed to make our work easier, and yet we have little free time.”

Laurence J. Peter

There are also instances when people work inordinately to flee other aspects of their lives. The reasons may be very diverse. What becomes clear, however, is that whoever is overworked has a problem that should be resolved before it’s too late. After all, the consequences can be severe and long-term. The following five are just a few of them.

1. Relationships are neglected 

One of the consequences of overwork is primarily the neglect of social contacts and relationships. This means friendships as well as partnerships. By devoting so much time to work, there is little energy left to maintain social contacts. It is also not uncommon for someone to work excessively to avoid difficulties in other areas of their life.

A burned match in the midst of new matches

The consequences of overwork are also clearly noticeable in a relationship. The partner often feels left alone and comes second. The same thing happens with family or friends. They too perceive the lack of time.

Likewise, it doesn’t help a person who has little social contact if they work overtime all the time. This only covers up the problem, but it is not a solution.

2. Exhaustion as a result of overwork

Those who work too much often suffer from extreme fatigue. This first manifests itself in physical and mental exhaustion. Even if the affected people urgently need a break, they usually have the feeling that they cannot or are not allowed to work less.

This often creates a certain listlessness. The enthusiasm disappears and you lose interest in almost everything. A deep feeling of sadness can also be experienced. From then on, you’re only one step away from depression. Some people also develop various fears that can seriously affect life.

3. Increased productivity

The paradox is that overtime does not automatically lead to increased productivity. Fatigue, inattentiveness and listlessness affect the way you work. You only do certain tasks because they have to be finished, and you are not concerned with maintaining quality.

On the other hand, some people are obsessed with making everything perfect. Even so, being overburdened with work also limits their creative abilities. It is becoming more and more difficult to be innovative and efficient at the same time. If you feel rested and balanced, it is also easier to do your job properly.

The consequences of overwork are tiredness and exhaustion

4. Health problems

The effects of overwork can also be felt on a physical level. The body sends different signals when it is overloaded: Too much work initially leads to gastrointestinal complaints, poor digestion, gastritis or constipation. Skin problems, sudden allergies or colds can also occur.

Over time, the problems become more complex. It is not uncommon for those who work excessively to find it difficult to sleep. Persistent lack of sleep can turn into chronic insomnia. There are also many instances of high blood pressure or circulatory problems.

At this point, it’s important to mention that overwork can also lead to death. This is not a myth. If this fact persists for a long time, heart attacks or strokes can result.

5. Automation and loss of meaning

Life gradually loses its charm with all the work. As much as the job requires ingenuity and creativity, there is a point where it all becomes routine. In order to withstand the workload, affected persons, without perhaps noticing it, develop various automatisms. Doing these things avoids taking time to think.

Above all, this creates a feeling of meaninglessness. From time to time one ponders and wonders about the true meaning of life without finding an answer.

Wooden doll with a lot of thoughts

The consequences of overwork can be severe. Therefore, one should try not to overdo the workload. Life is so multifaceted that simply focusing on one aspect will negatively affect a person’s mental and physical health. Those who are overloaded should look for ways to restructure their lives and open up to new ways of life.

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