5 Amazing Quotes From Jorge Luis Borges

5 amazing quotes from Jorge Luis Borges

You could fill many pages trying to put together interesting quotes from Jorge Luis Borges. His cunning, insight, and charm leave us wonderful reflections. These astonish us again and again when we give in to the temptation to read his statements.

This Argentine’s name is both unique and special: Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo. He was born in Buenos Aires in the 20th century. The most interesting thing about his exuberant work is that it defies classification. Borges is Borges. There are no schools or doctrines that limit it.

“There are defeats that are more dignified than a victory.”

Jorge Luis Borges

One of the mysteries of the literary world is that he was never awarded the Nobel Prize.  Even though his works are read and loved all over the world. However, his name was always on the list of favorites. It has always been said that if he was not honored, it would be because of his political stance. He was considered by many to be extremely conservative.

In a strictly literary sense , few writers have the universality of ideas, the perfection of the language, and the originality of the arguments that Borges had. Not to mention his poetry. In honor of this writer and as a small feast for our readers, this article presents five fascinating quotes from Jorge Luis Borges.

Jorge Luis Borges with a cat

1. Time – a recurring theme at Borges

Jorge Luis Borges makes time one of the basic structures of his work. The past, the present and the future put themselves on display in front of him and probably inspired him to say this wonderful sentence: “The future is as irrevocable as the unyielding yesterday. There is not one thing that is not a silent letter in this indecipherable eternal sculpture, the book of which is time. “

Borges defines time as a book in which each page continues the previous one and determines the next. The present is not in it, at least not in the way many see it. We are a past moving towards a future that was also outlined by yesterday.

2. The anonymity that we become

If there is one thing that characterizes Borges it is his excellent and intelligent sense of humor. He made irony an art. This is reflected in this beautiful and strong quote: “We all approach anonymity, only the mediocre ones arrive a little earlier.”

In fact, we are all headed toward oblivion. After each success that is achieved, time clears the author’s name. Those who do not do excellent jobs or works run the risk of being forgotten sooner. But the others do not escape oblivion either. Because no matter how great his performance may have been, there will always be someone who does it better.

3. Democracy and Statistics

This is one of the classic quotes from Jorge Luis Borges about politics: “For me, democracy is an abuse of statistics. And besides, I don’t think it has any value. Do you think you would have to consult the majority of people when solving a math or aesthetic problem? “

With his usual sense of humor, Borges speaks to us about the fragile supply of democracy: the will of the majority. It reflects an uncomfortable truth: Majorities do not have to have better arguments than minorities. It is simply a matter of statistics that is imposed.

“You shouldn’t confuse the majority with the truth.”

Jean Cocteau

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4. Fluid memory

Borges reminds us that memory is a dynamic reality, mutating and imprecise. As science has shown, we can remember what we want and how we want it. So the memory is not based on real facts.

All of this can be seen in one of Jorge Luis Borges’ sentences: “We are our memory, this chimerical museum of inconstant forms, this pile of broken mirrors.”  It shows us that memory is a puzzle that always needs many pieces and does not stop, to be magical.

5. How far you can get by traveling alone

Traveling alone, not in the literal sense but in a figurative way, makes the path lose meaning. This is exactly what Borges emphasizes here: “If I were to start a trip alone, I would spend my life circling … and I would arrive at a customs office, at an airport. Possibly I would arrive in Ezeiza and not go over the border from Ezeiza. “

It’s like telling us that traveling alone is a way to get anywhere. It is only a transition, an intermediate point, but not a goal. To travel a lonely path means walking around without meaning and never stopping to leave.

Sun hatched from an egg

Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most privileged minds in the literary world. His reflection and clear calling for the truth have left us with a legacy. A legacy that, despite the fact that much time has passed, we certainly do not yet adequately value it. After all, Borges is one of those writers who is always worth having him close by: on the bedside table.

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