15 Signs That You Have Found The Love Of Your Life

15 signs you've found the love of your life

“You are in love when you realize that the other person is unique.”

Jorge Luis Borges

You’ve probably asked yourself the big question before, is he or she the love of your life? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a friendship, a relationship, or a person you haven’t even met.

We know that it is difficult to explain how we feel when we realize we are in love. But one thing is clear, and it is that we all share the feeling of paradise when we are with the person we love, who we are in love with.

We live in a society in which love and relationships are presented to us as far too idealistic, so that we don’t even know how to distinguish when it actually happens to us in life. Love is such a precious feeling that when it happens to us, we cannot let it escape. So we hereby invite you to use these 15 signs to find out if he or she is the love of your life. Is more than one true?

1. You no longer think about your ex relationships. When you meet true love, everyone else turns into something of secondary importance. You feel like you are in a cloud full of authenticity and security. You are not afraid, you are sure that the person by your side will never hurt you.

Without fear, there is no doubt.

You just enjoy the moment in the presence of the loved one. Your former relationships appear in your memories only as necessary lessons in your life through which you have grown and become stronger. Not more.

2. You don’t need to keep talking. Love is security, trust, authenticity. You feel comfortable, loved and the silence becomes a best friend. Because with one simple look you can fill each other’s hearts and tell each other everything.

3. He / she makes you feel good. When we love, we take a path of compassion and respect. The search for happiness together ensures that he / she makes you feel better when you are not feeling well. Just by seeing him / her, your heart fills with well-being.


4. You feel free to be yourself. In good times and bad, he / she never changed your mind. “Judging” disappears from your inner dictionary and the “What would he / she just say?” just turns into an “I love you.” Everything else does not matter.

5. Jealousy and anger do not exist. You know full well that you choose to share your heart with him / her. The security between the two of you has been proven on several occasions, and with it jealousy and anger go away.

6. Freely choose you to be her / his priority. His / her love makes him / her voluntarily and honestly do things for you that he / she would not do for anyone else. Your partner will accompany you wherever and you would do the same for them. Wherever you two are, there is always a place full of peace and well-being.
Every activity becomes an honest sharing with pleasure. He / she is always with you when you need it, without your having to ask for it. Support is his / her greatest gift and yours too.


7. He / she understands the importance of family. He / she comes with you to visit your family and makes you happy with a smile all the time. He / she knows that your family is important to you and he / she becomes part of your life. The life that he / she would like to share with you.

8. He / she knows what is important to you. The issues related to your happiness as a couple resolve on their own. You don’t have to make sure that the other person perceives your personal needs all the time. He / she takes care of himself to discover your needs and makes sure that you are well.

9. You don’t hope that he / she would be different. Do you hope he / she fulfills all of the adjectives on your list? Certainly not. You have discovered a person who is different, physically and emotionally. And that’s exactly what you fell in love with. In this person. Everything else is unimportant.

10. You can’t find words. No matter how many times you say “I love you”, it will never be enough. Your love is so great that your heart becomes more enlightened every day. You’re in love.

11. You don’t stop laughing. You benefit from being yourself and feeling free, and you learn to live in the here and now. You get along so well that any joke or moment turns into a moment of fun and enjoyment.


12. He / she is your biggest fan and will tell you all day what a wonderful person you are. How beautiful, smart and strong you are inside. Your partner will always be there when you need a nudge and their support will be the best you can find.

13. He / she knows you in a unique way. The trust between the two of you is limitless and you really want to get to know each other. You feel free and with pleasure you tell your partner everything you are and what you would like to be.

14. You admire his / her personality and his / her heart. For a while now you have felt that your partner is the most wonderful person you have ever met and he inspires you to get better yourself. Feeling love makes us better and more able to find out what we want and want.

15. You feel this way for the first time. You’ve probably felt from the very first days that this relationship is different from any other you’ve experienced so far. Can you explain how you feel Don’t worry, we know this is difficult. But that is exactly where the magic is. This is the love of your life, the magic of true love.

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