10 Sentences About Trust

10 sentences about trust

It’s always good to take the time to read a few sentences about trust. Trust is something that is extremely important, but at the same time very fragile. In fact, it’s hard to get hold of and easy to lose. That is why it needs constant maintenance. Once it’s gone, ways have to be found to restore it.

In linguistics, the word trust is associated with the concept of familiarity. Regarding its origin, it means “with all faith” or “with absolute conviction”.

“Keep your promises and be consistent. Be the kind of person that others can trust. “

Roy T. Bennett

So trust means that you believe that everything will turn out as you expect it to. This includes hope and the feeling of security, the feeling of being able to count on other people, yourself or a situation. Those who trust themselves and others strengthen their own self-confidence and their relationships with others. The following sentences about trust are a reminder of the importance of this great ability.

Sentences about trust in general

One of the most moving phrases about trust is: “Trust comes when someone is vulnerable and doesn’t take advantage of it.”   This statement is from Bob Vanourek and underscores the fact that trust has nothing to do with selfishness.

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The English philosopher Francis Bacon once emphasized how important the time factor is for trust: “Nothing wins over time as much as firewood, wine, friendships and books.”  One can only agree with this statement. It is the time that either makes you trust other people or not.

Trust is also closely related to the general attitude towards life. Hellen Keller wrote: “Optimism is the belief that leads to success. You can’t do anything without hope and trust. “

In the same way, Albert Einstein pointed out that there are signs of whether or not someone is reliable. He said: “Anyone who is careless with the truth in small things cannot be trusted in important things.”


Self-confidence is the basis for realizing yourself. Henry David Thoreau pointed out: “Go with confidence in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined. ”  This sentence is a wonderful illustration of the importance of believing in your own goals.

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How can you get more confidence? William Jennings Bryan, former US Secretary of State, advised: “The way to develop confidence in yourself is to do what you fear and record your positive experiences.”  This idea is great! After all, fear feeds the lack of self-confidence and only those who dare to fight the former are able to overcome the latter.

So is success based on self-confidence? Elizabeth Gilbert says: “The inability to open to hope blocks trust. This in turn is the reason for broken dreams. ”  Sometimes it’s hard to break out of a cycle. This phrase aptly captures that a lack of trust can prevent success, and failure can in turn undermine trust.

Trust in others

If you do not trust in others, this makes your own life much more difficult. A life full of distrust can be pretty sad. It is certainly not easy to build trust in another person, but it is worth it. This ability is perhaps the most important requirement for relationships to work. Stephen R. Covey said: “Great trust leads to easy, immediate and effective communication.”

As long as you trust each other, any problem can be solved. Mona Sutphen feels the same way and believes: “Most good relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.”

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Of course, trust shouldn’t be idealized either. All people make mistakes. Some more than others. It is hardly possible to always behave absolutely correctly. It is normal to disappoint other people from time to time. As long as this is not done with the intention, there is no need to be concerned.

In fact, for interpersonal relationships, trusting that the other is not intentionally trying to harm you is sufficient. Ernest Hemingway said, quite appropriately, “The best way to find out if someone can be trusted is to trust them.”

It can be good to reread these sentences about trust from time to time. Trust is fragile, so it is by no means uncommon to lose it at some point. Just don’t allow this distrust to be sustained or even increased. After all, your own well-being is based on trust.

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